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Just about everything you’ve taken for granted in your native country is available here. On rare occasions, one may need to order a special item from the U.S., in which case an incoming “duty” may have to be paid.

However, many of the retail outlets you have north of the border are also available in Guadalajara, about 45 minutes away.

Walmart now has a store in Ajijic.

Mi Mexico

At Lakeside, you will find blocks of stalls, street markets, galleries, and workshops in the area. Antiques, furniture, tapestries, glassware, lamps, wrought-iron furniture, masks, pottery, jewelry, and artesanias of all kinds are sold here. In fact, the Lake Chapala area is fast becoming the region’s supplier of quality crafts, replacing Tonala.

The Lakeside area offers many boutiques with jewelry, clothing and a variety of arts and crafts.

There are many artists in the area, so there are also many wonderful galleries.




Nearby Guadalajara has everything from the Galeria Mall (which rivals most north-of-the-border shopping malls) to familiar names, like COSTCO, SAM’S Club, Sears, Home Depot, Walmart and Office Max.




The Guadalajara suburbs of Tonalá and Tlaquepaque feature spectacular shopping opportunities for everything from handicrafts to fine furnishings.

Tlaquepaque is especially charming and has several excellent restaurants, as well as shops, museums and galleries.

Tonalá is more rustic, but better deals can often be found, as it is in Tonalá where many of the crafts are made.


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