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Weather & Climate in Ajijic - Lake Chapala AreaLand of Eternal Spring…Comfortable All Year

Lake Chapala WEATHER

The single major attraction of the Lake Chapala area is undoubtedly its unique beauty and semi-tropical climate, rated among the finest in the world … second only to Kenya.

It’s an extremely rare day that the sun doesn’t shine, with daytime temperatures usually in the high 70s F (23 C), cooling to the 60s (16 C) in the evenings.

With an altitude of 5,000 feet (1,525 meters), providing very low humidity, combined with the effects of the lake, temperatures remain pleasantly warm all year. Although it can get as cold as the 40s (9 C) on a winter night, or as hot as the 90s (32 C) on a summer day, it is not the norm, and with the low humidity, even the hot days are usually quite comfortable.

Only a very few homes have heating or air-conditioning because they are simply unnecessary. A fireplace adds ambience and takes the chill from a winter evening, and ceiling fans provide comfort when it feels too warm.

Weather & Climate in Ajijic - Lake Chapala AreaSummer Rains
There is almost no rainfall at Lakeside from November through May, and most residents look forward to and enjoy the rainy season.

When the rains begin to fall (June through September) they almost always come during the late-night or pre-dawn hours, with the sunshine returning during the day.

The rains bring even more moderate daytime temperatures, brilliant sunsets, and transform the hillsides into a lush, verdant green.

Average annual rainfall totals about 34.4 inches (875 mm). The wettest month is July.

Many of our “snowbird” residents and visitors spend their summers in Canada, the U.S. or Europe, and their winters in Mexico. Ironically, in visiting the lakeside region between December and May–though still quite beautiful–they see the Chapala landscape at its least attractive.

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