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Living in Mexico

No doubt, the prospect of living in a foreign country elicits many questions.

Much misinformation exists.

This area of my web site addresses the frequently asked questions, and should ease any fears, and eliminate the misconceptions you might have.



Simply click on the links below for answers to each of these topics.

Mexican Visas and Immigration


Like many industrialized nations, Mexico has a comprehensive legal and[…] read more

Is Mexico a safe place to live?


Those of us who have made Mexico our home feel that the media often[…] read more

Importance of the Notario when Buying/Selling Mexican real estate:


In Mexico the Notario Publico is the key person in completing the sale of a property[…] read more

Expatriot Support System – Lake Chapala Society


Serving Lakeside ex-pats as well as the Mexican community since 1955, the Lake Chapala Society today[…] read more

Health Care and Health Insurance


Health Care in Mexico is Top-Notch and Inexpensive[…] read more

Welcome to Lake Chapala – Guadalajara Airport Info.


Whether by train, plane, automobile or horse & carriage … welcome to Mexico![…] read more

Bringing Pets Into Mexico


In Mexico, only dogs and cats are considered pets.[…] read more

Owning & Renting Property in Mexico


Some people are under the misconception that they cannot own property in Mexico with a clear title.[…] read more


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