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Selling Your Property


Cartoon-Realtor-AdviceWhen selling your property, the best first step is to find a competent Realtor, who will advise you on what you can do to avoid the common pitfalls, and ensure a smooth, low-stress real estate transaction.

Tom has built a reputation as one of the top-selling agents at Lakeside, due to his knowledge of the market, his ability to determine the correct asking price, inherent marketing, negotiating & people skills, and his excellent relationships with other agents in the area.

The location and appearance of your home, prices of other properties in your neighborhood, and a buyer’s first impression all affect the pricing and sale of your home.  Tom will ensure that your home is sold in a timely manner at the best price.

Below are some things to consider in the home selling process.

Top Five Ways to Sell Your Home Fast

In a buyer’s market, you need to do the following: 

1. Price it right  


Selling your property is all about price. Ask too much, and you could get stuck with a home that languishes on the market. The longer it sits, the harder it is to unload. The first question a buyer asks is how long the house has been on the market.  If it’s been on a while, they ask what is wrong with the house.

Ironically, homeowners who ask more for their homes tend to get less in the end.  Studies show that if you price your home properly, it will sell faster and at a higher price than if the home was priced aggressively.  Overpricing leads to low bids.  Proper pricing leads to high bids.

Depending on when you purchased your house, you may not be able to recoup what you have in invested.  You certainly might need to give up any thought of turning a profit, or you’re going to turn off potential buyers. Instead, price your home conservatively by looking at similar houses currently on the market.  Also look at the homes that aren’t selling.  Chances are those owners priced their dwellings too high. 

This is one of the most important things I do on your behalf.

If you really want to stimulate a sale, you should under price your property by just a hair.  Just shaving a bit off the price can generate more foot traffic and create a buzz.

2. Make it inviting   Cartoon-TryingToMakeHousePresentable

There’s no faster way to turn off a potential buyer than to show them a home stuffed with family knickknacks, a stinky litter box and dark rooms. Even stodgy furniture can make a property more difficult to unload.

Fortunately, there are some inexpensive things homeowners can do on their own to attract a buyer. Make your space feel as open and clean as possible. Get rid of clutter, organize the closets and remove all personal items that may make it more difficult for someone to imagine living in your house.


3. Get an inspector  'And this is the sunken living room.' 

A home that’s in good working order will always sell faster than one that needs pricey repairs. That’s why it’s a good idea to get your home inspected before you put it on the market. The benefits are twofold. First, it’s always cheaper and faster to make your own repairs rather than have a buyer drag out the negotiating process to accommodate any necessary work. Second, you’ll also avoid any nasty last-minute surprises that could derail a deal should the buyer’s inspector discover you need, say, to replace the roof.


4. Understand the importance of quality photographs

Some 84% of people start their real estate searches online, according to the National Association of Realtors.  While it used to be enough to simply slap up one or two blurry photos, buyers now prefer a slew of pictures so that they don’t waste their time touring a home that doesn’t meet their requirements.

When Tom lists your home, the photographs taken show the characteristics of your entire property … from the ceiling to the floor, showing the view if there is one, placing specific emphasis on allowing the buyer to be able to imagine what it might be like to be in that room or on the grounds.  Tom understands the importance that online property ads include several high-quality photos, or they’re likely to get passed over by potential buyers.

  cartoon, curb appeal
5. Curb Appeal
First impressions are everything.  The last thing you want is to turn off a potential buyer before
 they walk in the door. So make sure the house is painted, and have your gardener get your property in tip top shape.  If your grass isn’t green, make it green.  If the shrubs are overgrown, cut them.  Even small, inexpensive potted flowers can make your home seem more inviting.

6. Fix Everything   Cartoon-Hard-Bargain
Make sure everything works. Have an inspector assess everything. If there are any doubts about the mechanical functions, a buyer will walk.

Even minor repairs are crucial. Hire a contractor to go through your home with a fine-toothed comb. Make sure the tub has new grout and caulk in the joints. Every window must slide open, and kitchen cabinets should open with ease. And don’t forget to paint over ugly water stains. If you don’t, a potential buyer could see it as a warning sign of a larger issue.

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