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ReligionImage1St. Andrews Interior, Ajijic

Mexico is a predominantly Roman Catholic country. Services in both Spanish and English are available here at Lakeside.

Other than celebrating their Independence from Spain on the 16th of September, other successful battles, beloved commanders, leaders & outlaws, nearly every celebration & parade centers around a religious event.

“Fiesta de San Andres”

Castillos, Fiestas, AjiicCandelight procession Ajijic

The biggest event of the year in Ajijic is the Nine-Day Celebration of their Patron Saint … St. Andrew, which runs from November 22nd through the 30th.

A silent religious procession from the Templo in Six Corners to the San Andres Cathedral in Ajijic takes place in the early evening during each of the nine days.

“The Passion of Christ” 
Palm Sunday procession, Ajijic
A beloved local tradition takes place every Easter, honoring the last days of Christ, beginning with the Palm Sunday arrival on a burro, complete with alfalfa-strewn streets and villagers in costumes of the era; and culminates with a spectacular recreation of the Trial, with Pontius Pilot, Soldiers, the Criminals, and more costumed villagers … all proceeding through Ajijic behind a crown-of-thorns adorned Christ and the Two Criminals, all carrying heavy wooden crosses up to the hill where they are crucified.  People come from all over the world to see this powerful reenactment.

Little Chapel by the Lake
There is a wide variety of other religious options, including a Non-Denominational Christian church which offers services featuring both traditional hymns and contemporary Christian music.

Anglican Church Ajijic

Jewish Synagogue, AjiicIn addition, you can find Baptist, Anglican, Assembly of God, Unitarian, Seventh Day Adventist, Mormon and others.  There is also an active Jewish congregation at Lakeside.

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