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FMM Mexico Tourist Permit

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The Forma Migratoria Múltiple (FMM) is a document issued by Mexico’s Instituto Nacional de Migración, aka INM.  It is an “admission document” issued to vacationing visitors of certain nationalities. Although the tourist card (FMM) is also popularly known as a tourist “visa,” it is not officially a visa.

U.S. and Canadian citizens driving to Mexico for vacation can easily obtain an FMM tourist card within minutes at an INM Office at the border with only a valid passport or passport card.

An FMM can also be applied for online; however, the online form still requires a stop at INM at the border for the official stamp.

The fee to obtain an FMM as of January 9, 2020, is $575 pesos (approximately $30 USD / $40 Canadian) per person; FREE if the trip is 7 days or less and you cross by land.

If you arrive by air, the fee for the FMM has already been added to your airline ticket. If arriving by land or sea, the fee is paid at your point of entry.


The only requirement is a valid passport which will not expire in less than 6 months.


~~ Do not lose your FMM; keep it in a safe place, as it must be presented upon leaving Mexico.

~~ Write down your FMM number in case it is lost or stolen.

~~ Make sure the Mexican officials stamp your card.

What information is requested on the FMM Application Form?

~~ Your name as it appears on your passport
~~ Nationality
~~ Date of birth
~~ Passport number
~~ Purpose of your trip
~~ How you are entering Mexico … air, land or sea

Vehicles & the FMM: With an FMM you can obtain a 180-day car permit for your foreign-plated vehicle from customs (Aduanas), but it will not allow you to apply for a Mexican driver’s license. You may also purchase and/or sell a vehicle without incurring any capital gains.

Buying Property with an FMM: You can purchase property with an FMM … However NOTE: you’ll be liable for the maximum capital gains tax if you sell with only an FMM Visa.

Remaining beyond 180 days? It is necessary to leave Mexico in order to obtain another FMM. Therefore, if you’re planning a longer stay, the better option would be to obtain either the Residente Temporal Visa, or the Residente Permanente Visa.



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