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Tequila–Mexico’s Gift to the World

Tequila -- "Regalo de México para el Mundo!" One of the many benefits of living in the Lake Chapala area is the proximity of so many interesting things to do nearby. One such example is the magical town of Tequila, the epicenter of the wond...

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There is so much to see & do here at Lake Chapala, it's a challenge to keep up with it all ... AND it changes from day to day. Check here for periodic articles of interest on some of the interesting, fun and important aspects of Lake Chapala...

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Even if you’re not sure you’re ready to sell, but simply want to know the current market value of your property, I’ll be happy to do this for you at no cost. While there are no guarantees that a buyer will simply walk through the front do...

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Buying your new home at Lake Chapala can be an absolute pleasure, if you have the right team to help you navigate through the maze of paperwork & details. We can make the process fun & seamless.

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